Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Yeah yeah yeah

I know, I said I would try to curb my weather whining. But now the stupid butt weather forecast says it will hit 100 tomorrow. And I'm not thinking what you think I'm thinking. Okay, maybe I am, but I'm also irritated because daycare will be closed AGAIN! Yes, it was closed today because the forecast was over 100. The daycare is actually much cooler than our house due to the shady area and better cross breezes. So S worked from home to take care of Julia (it was his turn since I stayed home 2 weeks ago when she was puking). Tomorrow it's my turn; it would be nice to go to work where it's cooler. It's not like she's sick - the stupid butt daycare doesn't have A/C. Every other freaking daycare on the planet has A/C. And this whole thing is even more stupid since our house is 94 degrees. No A/C either; it's not like we have it any better. We're much hotter than the daycare anyway. That's with fans going, windows strategically opened, etc. We've all been sleeping on the family room floor because Julia's room is completely inhospitable (as in 100 degrees).

Getting a child to sleep in the family room sucks. It's taken us 2 hours to get her to sleep every night in 90 degree temperatures in an environment she's not used to sleeping in. The two of us aren't in great moods, so let's just say Julia's getting on our last nerve. Not only do we spend all day trying to feed her, we are now struggling to get her to go to sleep. We all sleep crappy since it's so freaking hot & we're on the floor.

Lots of swearing in my head. Yes, I'm sooooo cranky and fed up with this weather.

FED UP!!! And you'll say to go get a portable air conditioner. Ha, I challenge you to find one in Western Washington. Really, people are even stealing each other's fans at work. A/C units can probably only be found on the black market.


I went to the grocery store this evening. It was kind of funny because I saw a high school classmate. He didn't recognize me - oh, the good luck/bad luck to being the type to completely fade into the background in any social situation. And I have the good/bad fortune to recognize any face and name I've ever met. And I remember a good deal of things about them too.

I wanted to go up to him and say, "Hi, Matt ____ (I know his last name, just not putting it here). Remember we were in 10th grade Spanish with Senora Tenoco? You sat behind me. I remember how you were involved in the police explorers club, and you wanted to be a police officer. You even carried yourself like a police officer. I have to know if you work in law enforcement now. Remember that time we ended up at Homecoming with bad dates and we shared a dance and a laugh? Your dad was an elementary principal, wasn't he? Is he still a principal, or has he retired? Your sister Amy was older than you and has a disability. How is she doing? What's she been up to?"

Yeah, I sound like a complete psycho stalker. I swear, I'm not. I know that's how I would come across though even if I lied a little and said, "Hey, you look familiar. Did you go to high school around here?" His eyes didn't even register me as he walked by, so I thought I would be weird to say anything. Then he'd think I was interested in him.

I never was. Short, red-hair and liked law enforcement and old Chevys. Sooooo not me. I have problems with authority and would like a man to weigh more than me. Then there's that thing that I'm married with a spastic toddler who doesn't eat. :)

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