Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Busy but still here

I don't know why I haven't been here much. When I take a step back, the reasons start to come into focus.
  • We've had a major water leak at our house (not IN our house - woot woot - but on our property).
  • Soccer. Both my daughter and husband are in soccer leagues. Practices, games, oh how I am tired of soccer.
  • It seems like there's lots of *stuff* going on. Some is actually very cool, and it's GOOD that I'm booked weeks/months in advance versus looking at an empty calendar.
  • I'm reading this completely tedious book for book club. It's long and in the fantasy genre, which really isn't my thing (although I know many who love the fantasy genre).
  • Work is continuing to be weird. I'm on this very visible project - which is GOOD - but I'm rather high-strung about it & it's kind of absorbing my time.
I feel like exercise and blogging and just vegging out have taken a backseat. Maybe I can schedule some veg out time on my calendar! :)

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Notes on September

My last post was September By the Numbers. Overall, September was a stressful month. I worked a LOT. My husband worked a LOT. There were multiple things to do on the weekend days on top of working. Kindergarten started for my daughter, which meant a new schedule/routine. Soccer started for my daughter AND husband.

September kind of sucked actually.

I exercised an okay amount. We're starting to focus on our neglected yard, so when I put down "yardwork," it's actually quite a workout.

Somehow I read 8 books and wrote a few pages of my novel. It had been several months since I had last written, so I had to read everything I had written thus far to jog my memory about what I'm actually doing.

Oh, and I forgot to report that I finished up two classes in September: one on Intermediate Access and another on digital photography.

I am kind of busy. I like being busy, but sometimes I crave downtime where I can just lose myself in a video game or a book. I'd really like one day off with nothing to do except goof off.

For October, I'd really like to eat better. I have good days and bad days. When I get super stressed, I reach for junk food. It's a hard habit to overcome.