Saturday, November 30, 2013

Three Nanos Down

Today I completed Nanowrimo. This year it was more like Nanowriyear (National Novel Writing Year instead of National Novel Writing Month). Back in February I started brainstorming this year's Nano and decided to get started once I had plotted it out. So essentially I cheated. By the beginning of November, I had 30,000 out of the 50,000 words written. During November I only wrote 20,000 words toward the story. Oh well. I think the philosophy behind Nano is to get a novel behind you in November, and I did accomplish that.

Three Nanos in a row. I am most proud of my first Nano. For so many years, I'd attempt to write a novel and give up 30-40 pages in at the most. Sometimes I wouldn't even make it a page before I scrapped the concept. Forging ahead even when the going got tough wasn't something I was particularly accustomed to. I did it, though, and it worked out.

Will any of these three novels be publishable? Probably not unless I do a LOT of work on them. Maybe at some point I'll want to put in the effort to pick one and hone it. Maybe I won't. But still, I think it's an accomplishment to get as far as I did.

Happy Almost December!

Monday, November 18, 2013

It's been awhile

It feels like forever since I've written. (Looks at calendar) Ah, yes, it's been a while. I could give the usual list of excuses things I've been up to, but I won't. I think I foretold them in my last post anyway.

1.  What are you plans for Thanksgiving this year?  We are keeping it low-key. I love keeping things low-key.

2.  At what point do you being celebrating the Christmas season? Usually the day after Thanksgiving.

3.  Do you celebrate Christmas, or do you celebrate another holiday? Christmas but I'm not opposed to celebrating others as well.

4.  If you could have one present (you know, a material good, not love or world peace) what would you want?  Telephoto lens

5.  Share an idea or two that you can plan to do for someone who may need to feel loved throughout the holiday season.  I think my daughter is old enough to understand the giving tree concept, so I'd like to do that with her.

6.  Would you rather spend the holiday season on the beach or in the snow?  I've never been on the beach for the holiday season...intriguing concept! Gotta definitely try that at some point.

7. What is your favorite Thanksgiving food?  Most of them? Turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, pumpkin pie filling, apple pie filling, green bean casserole...

8.  Will you participate in Black Friday shopping?  I usually do although I haven't looked at the ads yet.

9.  Will you travel for the holidays or stay at home?  If you’re traveling, are you flying or driving or making alternate plans?  For Thanksgiving? Staying home. I really don't like to travel around the holidays...or really at all. I'm just a homebody!

10.  List at least 5 things for which you are currently thankful.
  1.  My husband
  2. My daughter
  3. Friends
  4. Life and all the opportunity it provides
  5. Books

Saturday, November 2, 2013

October by the Numbers

October is over! Whew! It was a busy whirlwind. I felt like I was 2 weeks behind doing everything (because I was!). I believe my amount of exercise was the lowest of any month thus far in 2013. I still lost 1.4 lbs though, and this was the lowest weigh-in I've had at the start of the month. It doesn't make sense to me that less exercise equals weight loss.
My computer finally died after living 4 arduous years. It's been giving me error messages about 10x a day. The speakers were crappy to begin with, but now they didn't exceed a whisper. The nail in the coffin is that my laptop didn't want to access the internet. My husband was going to work on it, and I told him to just scrap the plan because I wanted to get a new laptop anyway.
I have an HP touch screen laptop. Thus far, it has nice sound and seems to work well. The keyboard is a little funky, and I'm noticing that I'm making more typos than usual. Hopefully it will be a quick adjustment for me.

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