Thursday, July 30, 2009

The things I wonder

Do rich people have heated toilet seats? Due to the heat wave, I have a really toasty toilet seat. I wonder if people can buy something that will warm it to this toasty temperature Mother Nature gave me.

How does this diaper sizing work? Miss J has never outgrown a diaper. I merely run out of one size and then move her up to the next. Except in the case where I ran out of size 2, moved her up to size 3, but she was way too tiny for size 3. Then I exchanged 2 boxes of size 3 for size 2. After those exchanged boxes were finished, I moved her up to size 3 & she was much more comfy in size 3's. The package says size 3 is from 16-28 pounds. Since she's 19 lbs and a very slow grower, can I safely assume she'll be in size 3 until she's 28 pounds? That will be when she's like 4 years old, so she'll never outgrow them.

Size 4 starts at something like 22 pounds. Do you move them to size 4 when they hit 22 pounds?

What do you do with the fuzzy phase of when they fit into size 3's and size 4's?


Wendy said...

I keep her in whatever I got until it leaks. That said, I do 3s during the day and 4 overnights for the nighttime. Works out just fine. I probably won't move her to Size 4 during the day until she's closer to 25 lbs, earlier if we have leakage.

Miss J's Mom said...

If I go with the leaking thing, I think she'll be in size 3 til she's out of diapers.

She only leaked a few times, around when she was 3-4 months old and still in size 1. Then we did your trick and put her into size 2's at night.

After that, she's never leaked through a diaper with pee. Poop, yes. Not pee. It's only because she doesn't really drink a whole lot. Little input = little output.

Scrapping in Circles said...

I've always found that my kids move into larger diapers before they weigh that amount. For instance, my little guy is in size 4, but isn't 29 lbs and was in them before he was even 20 lbs. So, I guess it is what fits them best. You don't want them too big because they'll leak (especially poop), but not too small that they'll be tight and uncomfortable.

Karin said...

i agree with the other moms here. C is in size 4 (he's almost 23 pounds) and has been for a few months. he always leaks around the time the diapers are getting too small, and they seem to fit a little tight, so i move up. it also depends on my inventory. we had a lot of 3s, so he wore those during the day and 4s at night until we used them up.

we use pampers. at school they use huggies. he is just moving into 4s at school. i think huggies run large.

A said...

Yes, there are heated soft toilet seats. We had some when we lived in Japan. I would probably never buy them, but they were pretty awesome.