Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Hello! It's been awhile since I've touched base.

I have been so tired lately. And an insomniac. So basically I feel like I just lay in bed and stare at the ceiling when I'm not working. Even a 15 minute workout seems to take too much mental (standing upright and all) and physical energy. And the thing is that I'm not even a TV watcher. Laying in bed and watching TV is a valid activity, but apparently watching TV while laying in bed takes too much multi-tasking. I lay in the bed and read or just think.

I've gotten two new volunteer positions in addition to my full-time work. So of course I'm lying about doing nothing but laying in bed. I am doing some stuff. The first volunteer position is with a weekly dinner organization for the homeless people in the city. I do registration. It is very humbling to work with people who have problems lower on Maslow's hierarchy of needs than you do. It keeps things in perspective. The most difficult part of the position is saying good night to the folks who come to eat dinner. The supposition when you say good night to most people is that they're going to their warm house and snuggle with their loved ones (whether it be a teddy bear, their partner, their child, their blanket) and feel safe. Some of these people literally live on the streets, and it's torrential rain outside. It breaks my heart that some of these people have NO place to live. We're not supposed to do anything for these people outside of the meal (i.e., not give them additional food or money or take them to our homes), which gives me an "out" for feeling too guilty for not taking them to my house.

I'm not sure I got the other position yet. That one is a little more official, and there's voting involved. I've been told that I will be voted in, but I believe the vote will take place in another week or so. I guess I feel that it's a little presumptuous to talk about that one. But I will to the extent that I can once it's official. I always get a little skittish about putting too many searchable terms on here so that people could tie this blog to who I am. I'm fine with people who already know me, but I don't want my identity to be figured out from the things I write. And this gig--if I indeed get voted in--will narrow down my identity to six people. Take out the men and the older women, and--well--you're down to me.

So I suppose that is mostly what is up with me.

Doing okay with the Bodymedia Fit still.


Have a happy day!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

February in Review

The first two weeks of February I wasn't very "on" with watching my weight. I'd mentally kind of keep track, and I'd do the same exercise as usual, but I wasn't terribly diligent. I didn't weigh myself at all.

After those two weeks I was kind of astounded to find out that I had only gained a fraction of a pound. Yay!

Then I got the Bodymedia Fit for the last half of February. For the month, I lost 1.6 pounds. Yay! I'm at the lowest weight I've been in a long time. Actually, this is about the weight I had gotten down to right before I got pregnant. (And then I gained 10 pounds in a nanosecond...okay, maybe over 2-3 weeks).  And this is also the weight I got down to when I got married.

I'm going to try to continue my success in March with the Bodymedia Fit.