Friday, December 5, 2014

Three things that have rocked my world

I'm an exceptionally boring person. If a camera followed me on a day where I did absolutely anything I wanted, I would like choose to stay in bed and watch Netflix documentaries interspersed with bursts of reading. If I got really wild and crazy, I'd eat buttered popcorn while watching documentaries (don't want to get butter on the books/e-reader). I don't even aspire to wild and crazy. I aspire to fulfilling my fantasy of spending the day in bed ... alone ... with movies and books. But my child needs to be ferried around, I have to do chores, or any number of other reasons that prevent me from fulfilling my boring fantasy.

That's just to tell you where my excitement bar is to have some context. Low bar, very low.

I'm no shopper. I just don't have that gene that most women do. I took that Facebook quiz about how girly I am, and I scored 18%. I'm apparently a fraction of an inch away from wearing a fanny pack and Birkenstocks.

While I'm not a good consumer,  I have bought three things within the past few months that have rocked my world.

1. Fleece sheets. I think it's part of the Pacific Northwest culture that you have to love Starbucks, Amazon, Microsoft and fleece. Of those, I really only love fleece. But goodness I love it, and I have bought an amazing amount of fleece over the years. And now, fleece sheets. Why are fleece sheets so amazing? They're not cold. They're always warm to the touch and cuddly and a little slice of heaven.

2. A digital food thermometer. We had a really, really old thermometer that was huge and unreliable and hard to read. It wasn't digital. It would fog up and you couldn't read it. Well, I tend to make a lot of candy that has precise temperature requirements. And meat around the holidays. Being able to know the exact moment your candy reaches 250 degrees or the turkey reaches 166 degrees is awesome!

3. A peppermill and the matching salt shaker that spews the chunky salt. What will we do without our McDonalds-like salt and pepper shaker? We'll be ADULTS? Fascinating.