Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Take Down the Pyramid Scheme

Tis the season for your FB friends to hawk crap you don't need and invite you into pyramid schemes.

I think I last lamented this a couple of years ago. Now we've got a fresh new crop of women (rarely men, let's be honest) with dollar signs in their eyes. If they only sell 2,500 units of overpriced crap, they can score a car ... or a lifetime supply of whatever crap they're hawking.

I'm not opposed to the entrepreneurial spirit. What I'm opposed to are companies who start pyramid scheme models and the tactics they use to reel in the suckers. Usually the victims are stay-at-home moms who fall for the spiel about how much money they will rake in throwing parties (who doesn't want to go to a party?!) at other people's houses.  They end up blowing a tremendous amount of money on start-up kits, rarely if ever break even, and annoy all their friends on Facebook with their constant sales pitches. From my perspective, I hate the constant emails, seeing all of their posts promoting the products, and the barrage of evites to "parties."

I feel like I gave a comprehensive list last time of the various pyramid schemes people are hawking ... without the names of the schemes attached. There have been some new ones, or at least new to me, in the past couple of years.

3D mascara
Nail products (who knew?)
Some stupid weight loss patch with vitamin supplements
Noxious oils
Gourmet chocolate (M&Ms are more my speed anyway)
Fancy schmancy skin products (all the cool moms at the school use it!)
Expensive costume jewelry (why???)

Then add the mainstay pyramid schemes of candles, makeup, body wraps, baskets, etc.

My philosophy is to not give pyramid schemes any money so they have a lower chance of survival. Heartless? Yes. Take down the pyramid scheme!