Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Two random irritations

Sometimes something just irritates you for no particular reasons. Sure, the reason it irritates you may be because of some repressed association with something else that irritates you. Or there may be no logical reason at all.

Here are the two things that have irritated me in the last week for no apparent reason:

1 - People who have their phone set to make that obnoxious clicking noise every time they hit a button on their phones. WHY?! Most of the time these people are over age 60. And they sit next to me. So I hear click-pause-click-click-long pause-click-pause-clickclickclick. Like they're punching out Morse code on that dang thing. WHY?! Does it remind them of Morse code? I want to grab it from them and turn off that stupid setting.

2 - The term "babe." It grates on me like fingernails on a chalkboard. Thankfully, I've never been called by that term. Hate hate hate it. Do I know why? No. It makes me bristle--when women use it for men, when men use it for women. Have I ever had any bad experiences with the term? Not that I can think of because I have never been called it. It seems like a generic term of endearment because the person is too lazy to learn your name. Lazy, I guess that's my problem with it. Although I don't usually find lazy terms so loathsome.

Those are my random rants of the day. For no particular reason.