Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Vent of the Day

I ordered clothes from Target on August 7th. It says the estimated shipping date is August 28 - September 10.

Why oh why oh why?

If you have the clothes in stock (and it says they do), why does it take this long to ship? My theory on the epic ship date is that some of the clothes are in one warehouse, and some are in another. Then they ground ship half the order to the other warehouse before they send it out. That's somewhat plausible.

Every other clothing website seems to ship things much more quickly. I do love Target, but waiting a month for a box of clothes is ridiculous!

I would run my business differently. Speaking of that, I totally wish I had a skill that I could sell, like something creative or something technical. It would fun to start my own business and work on marketing, distribution, operations. I was always so good at that stuff in school, but I don't have any business with which to practice on.

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