Friday, August 14, 2009

These Daycares of our Lives

To recap past editions of this daycare soap opera, I repeatedly give the toddler teacher instructions on Julia's feeding, complete with a therapist report in writing that backs up the need for bottles still. And the toddler teacher does whatever she wants, including giving Julia water all day and feeding her when I give special instructions that she has a medical procedure that day and can't be fed.

I find another daycare that will take her. I submit my nice resignation letter, and then the daycare director says that the toddler teacher hasn't been sharing any of this information with her.

For the past day, I've been in continuous contact with the daycare director. She now understands our feeding issues. She has gotten in touch with their consulting nurse. She's made a food log. And she has moved the toddler teacher to a different room and moved the 2-year old teacher in with the 1-year olds.

This wasn't my intent - to move the staff all around. My intent was for Julia to be fed by bottle if she can't drink enough by cup. The therapist wants a more comprehensive food log. Some of the time it isn't even noted if she ate any of her snack or lunch on her daily report as it is now.

The 1-year old teacher will be with the 2-year olds, and the 2-year old teacher will be with the 1-year olds starting Monday. All because of this fiasco.

I don't know how the specifics played out. Not sure if the director unilaterally decided, or if the 1-year old teacher was given the option. I'm just bummed I screwed up the work lives of 2 people. I don't want to be The Most Hated Daycare Parent. I want my kid to be fed per the therapist plan. The toddler teacher was struggling with it. Granted, she does have a lot on her plate.


Karin said...

NOT YOUR PROBLEM. Easy for me to say 800 miles away, but I'll still say it. WHAT THE DIRECTOR DOES WITH HER STAFF IS NOT YOUR PROBLEM ANYMORE.

You and Stephan have tried and tried to get Julia the support she needs at that center without success.

You've given your resignation letter.

What they do now is up to them and if it is messing up their staffs' work schedules then they have a management issue that would exist even if you had never entered their halls.

Ahhhh... guilt. Gotta hate it.

Wendy said...

Ditto to what Karin said.

Scrapping in Circles said...

Following parent instructions and keeping accurate records is their job. Not just for your child, but for all the children. The fact that a teacher can't do that, means that teacher needs to be retrained. Each classroom teacher often keeps track of around 32 students and their individual needs. Johnny has to get initials on his planner at the end of each class. Jodie is allergic to peanuts. Sarah has to sit in the front or she can't see well enough. David has to get up and move every 10-15 minutes. Paul has a bladder issue that requires him to go to the bathroom every 30 minutes. Jean has Dyslexia. Bob takes the bus on Mondays and Wednesday, walks on Tuesdays, and gets picked up on Thursdays and Fridays except on the second Friday of the month when he takes the bus. Ex cetera, ex cetera, ex cetera. That teacher is just lucky that instead of losing her job or being demoted, she was just switched to another room where she would hopefully be more successful.

Miss J's Mom said...

You ladies sure know how to relieve the guilty feeling.