Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday Night Ickies

Last Sunday night Julia was whining/crying/restless all night. Her only "good" stretch of sleep was between 2am-4am. Needless to say, it wasn't a great start to the week for any of us. When you're in a deficit sleep mode at the beginning of the week, it seems like you're starting the work week screwed.

This Sunday night Julia's had 2 puking episodes in the past hour. Ugh! Not only do I not handle puke well, but we worry a little extra because she's so little. I worry she's going to get dehydrated more easily. And I worry what the cause is. She doesn't feel particularly warm. Did something not sit well in her tummy? She hasn't really eaten anything unusual. Ugh, I can tell that this night won't be going well. Another icky Sunday night to set us all up poorly for the week ahead.

How do people with lots of kids do it? It seems like Julia is puking every month to six weeks. If you had multiple kids, it would seem you'd be nursing pukey kids quite frequently, assuming Julia's toddler puke frequency is in the "normal" range. That doesn't include fevers, teething, general disgruntledness, and all the other reasons a kid would be up during the night.

My husband is a saint to be the Official Puke Cleaner Upper.

Speaking of digestive systems, Julia ate raisins at 8am, and she pooped whole raisins at 2pm. I thought that was kind of an impressive feat for her digestive system.

Let the digestive system talk be done, and let's hope her system gets back on track. And quickly. Neither of us want to stay home with a pukey kid tomorrow.

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Karin said...

I am totally with you bethy - starting the week off extra sleep deprived and with the potential for a sicky week, plus what ever else might be lurking, is just depressing.

How do we do it? How the heck do we get out of bed everymoring? Oh yeah - the little one is beckoning. :)