Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Gotta love neighbors

I took over the baby shower present for the neighbor's daughter-in-law this evening. She kept gushing about how I wasn't supposed to get anything for her. Hmmm...then why did you give me an invitation with where she's registered? (It was a pretty invitation.) S actually has tae kwon do testing during the baby shower, and I told her that. Then she said that she wanted me to bring Julia to the shower. And I think, "Come to a baby shower for someone who I've never met with my spastic daughter?" The neighbor got to see Julia this evening, so all was good. She had someone paint her living room. She said he's a wonderful painter. She highly recommends him. Then she goes on to say that he's Ukrainian and forgot to show up for 3 days, so it took a little longer than expected. Ummm... if the dude didn't show up for 3 days, then I certainly wouldn't recommend him. But that's just anal retentive me.

Side note: this neighbor is the former hippie. I still think she and her husband partake in the lifestyle. No one can be that spacey without the aid of some sort of psychotropic.

Anyway, that task is done.

I keep coughing up green stuff and coughing in general. It's been over 2 weeks. I've been telling S that I probably have whooping cough. He isn't as entertained by the thought as I am. It's likely some sort of respiratory infection. I went through all of my extra antibiotics that have been laying around the house, so I suppose I have to go to the doctor if the cough and green stuff keep occurring.

Today was very lazy. It included a wonderful 3 hour nap. 3 hour naps are utter bliss, long enough to be almost completely recharged. The downside is that I'm wide awake at 11pm.

I'm not much of a fan of Conan O'Brien. I like Leno far more. At least his new show will be on at 10pm, and I'll have a greater likelihood of seeing it.

I wore my Winthrop Eagles t-shirt. Not sure what the Winthrop Eagles are. There is a city (okay, small town) in Washington called Winthrop. Is that what it is referring to? I bought the t-shirt because it was $2 and a nice shade of red. Don't you love my buying criteria? Yeah, I once got confronted by someone in the grocery store for wearing a Michigan sweatshirt. By coincidence it was on game day of UW vs. Michigan. I had no idea, I was cold and I like navy blue. So I got confronted about my love of Michigan and what a traitor I was.

I shall attempt to go to sleep now. Probably won't happen, but staying up til 2am is going to completely throw me off.


Wendy said...

You know I love this, right? Seeing that I am a hardcore Michigan fan. I don't care about the reasons for your loyalty!

Miss J's Mom said...

Doesn't your Michigan have dark green as a color? I thought there were 2 - Michigan State and U of Michigan.

I was wearing whatever Michigan is navy blue and gold. Ah, aren't I so knowledgeable? ;)

Wendy said...

Oh no, mine is Maize and Blue. And I watched that Michigan/UW game.

Miss J's Mom said...

Maize, not gold. My bad!

Now I know what I'm wearing when you visit. Unless it's a UW/Michigan game day.

Krista said...

Go Blue! I am a huge U of M fan.