Saturday, August 8, 2009

My previously secret hope

May I share a secret desire? I would love to be a Blog of Note. I think most of the Blogs of Note are wonderful, and it would tickle me pink to be bestowed with the honor. Fact is, though, I can't write. Another fact is that most Blogs of Note have tons of pictures. I don't. Even another fact is that most Blogs of Note have tons of followers. I don't. The cold hard reality is that I have no hope of becoming a Blog of Note unless I learn to write better, add lots of pictures, and have lots of followers.

Hmmmpppph. I guess it's kind of like high school. I always wanted to be popular (didn't everyone?). But when you thought about it intellectually, being popular was a lot of pressure. You could only socialize with specific people (other popular people), you had to wear the right clothes, you only had the choice of a narrow field of extracurricular activities. (Really, were any of the popular kids at your school in the chess club?) To be popular you had to give up a lot of freedoms.

Being unpopular like me was freeing of sorts. I could wear what I wanted, talk to whom I wanted, do what I wanted.

If I extend the analogy, not being a Blog of Note means I have much more blog freedom.

But I still have that wisp of envy when I read the new Blog of Note. Inside that apathetic exterior, I am still the girl who's yearning to be popular.

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