Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Yeah, my ovaries hurt

Rain-induced insomnia. When the rain starts pounding the skylight so persistently, I wake up because I realize I have to pee. Then I can't get back to sleep because how can you sleep through downpours attacking your skylight?

Here are my 2am musings.

- My husband doesn't have a shirt on. I'm sticky, sweaty hot too. Remember that we keep the house at subzero. I get teased about this all the time about my penchant for turning down the thermostat. At night we keep the house at 57 degrees. Based on the sweat coming from my temples AND my husband being shirtless, I doubt it's early menopause giving me hot flashes. This weekend we bought a thermometer, and it was between 66-68 in this bedroom (I sprang for the dial vs. the digital). It's supposed to be 10 degrees cooler in here. I'm quaking in my socks to see how freaking hot this room will be in the summer. We may relocate to the basement. Or I may relocate to the basement in February because I can't take these hot flashes.

- Julia says "yeah" now. No "yes." It's "yeah." I'm trying to figure out where she picked it up. Do I say "yeah" a lot? I thought I said "yep" more. I'll have to pay attention. "Do you want cheese?" "Yeah." It's so ... casual.

- Julia's eating has dipped back down. I can't wait for her to go to daycare and eat. They can usually get far more food into her than I can.

- For many years I have asked S to rub my gluteus maximus. There are two symmetrical dull aches I get & I can't bear to ask him to rub my butt, so I ask him to rub my ovaries. I thought the symmetrical pain lent itself to being ovary pain, and it's certainly low enough. He'll gladly rub my ovaries, but he insists the pain is not from my ovaries because it's in my butt, after all, and ovaries are inside. Whatever. Yesterday he rubbed my "ovaries," and now my "ovaries" are sore. Butt muscles...ovaries...same diff.

- I love to eat. But is that a really stunning revelation???


Melissa said...

LOL!! Rubbing your ovaries.

Marie Tere said...

I'm confused. Show me tomorrow.