Thursday, February 11, 2010

Day 11

45 minute walk at lunch, so I'm up to 345 minutes for February.

I think Zion wins the worst baby name.

I can't wait for a new "exercise/diet" week because this one is toast.

Julia got sent home from daycare with a 101 degree fever. She hasn't eaten or drank much (big surprise), but she's not acting all that different from normal.

I don't get Valentine's Day. Is the goal to impress your girlfriends with what your significant other has gotten you? Is that really the goal? Is it to have the biggest vase of flowers on your desk at work? Because the presence or even the size of the flowers and chocolate you receive equal the amount you are loved? Does jewelry up the ante even more? I've been trying to grasp the concept for many years. I don't mind the little kid part of Valentine's Day. It's the adult part I don't get. But I suppose I wouldn't turn down a meal out and some chocolate. Have I EVER turned down a meal or chocolate????

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Marie Tere said...

I just like the colors and baking heart shaped cookies.