Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Day 10

I ate crap today. Complete crap. Empty carbs, lots of fat. I'd even like to say it tasted good going down, but it really didn't. Oh well, weigh in is on Friday & it starts a new week.

But....I did 30 minutes of Turbo Jam Fat Blaster. That's gotta count for something. At least it brings my exercise total to 300 minutes for the month.

It was my first attempt at Turbo Jam. My first impression was that it was a cheerleader on crack with ADD. There are sirens going off, doing facial expressions with attitude and lots of frantic jumping. After a while, you get desensitized a bit, and it's not so bad.

The good: time went by quickly, seemed like a good workout that you could adjust to your personal comfort zone

The bad: the first impression

Took cookies to the neighbors. Saw the nanny next door. The folks that live in that house work from 4am to 8pm. That sooooo doesn't sound like a life I want to live. I also saw next door. He's a bit resentful about our house because that brings down his value, and he wants to put his house up for sale. Of course, I already knew this because we interviewed his real estate agent when we put our old house up for sale. The agent called him "an odd duck." He wins the distinction of presuming I was pregnant (just fat, thank you very much). You should have seen his wife's expression. And everyone else wasn't home, so I just left the cookies on their doorsteps. There's a house below us that we want to suck up to because they have a tree that's blocking our view (and it definitely will block our view in the spring and summer). Their house is like freaking Fort Knox. You canNOT get to their front door. It's all gated. I just left their cookies next to the gate.

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