Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Day Three

Yesterday my allergies were really acting up, so I took my allergy pill and went to bed by 8pm (then woke up at 11pm). So no exercise. Food was so-so yesterday. I ate about 1800 calories.

Today I think I stayed within 1500 calories. And I did some exercise:

30 Day Shred (25 minutes)
Denise Austin - 2 different ab workouts (20 minutes)
Biggest Loser Cardio jump start on demand (15 minutes)

So I did a total of 60 minutes of exercise AND stayed within my calorie allotment. Total exercise for February thus far: 125 minutes


Marie Tere said...

You put me to shame.

Karin said...

exercise while you're allergic? ditto on Marie's comment.