Wednesday, February 3, 2010

It's only 20 years away

Melissa, that was a very BLUE cartoon! :)

Am I the only person who retreats into a fantasyland during bad days? Probably not. I sit and dream of retirement. Most of the time, I do like my job, but I don't care much for politics and have the patience of a gnat. And we spend oodles of time preparing for retirement, why not envision what it will be like?

My retirement dreams are likely in a class of their own. And they say so, so much about me.

First, I would like to work part-time at See's. I want to don a white apron. I want to work retail since I never have. And I want to make people happy by giving them truffles. Yes, I want to make people happy by giving them food. Does this at all indicate that I am an emotional eater? I plead the fifth.

Then there's my second retirement dream. I want to see lots of plays with my husband, and I want to eat those cute brownies they sell during intermission. I love, love, love plays. And if you add in those cute brownies and a fancy cup of tea, it's an afternoon of utter perfection!

So both of my retirement dreams revolve around food. Unhealthy food to boot. If you know me, you know my life revolves around food. It makes complete sense if you've ever spent a day with me. But when you're trying to develop a healthier relationship with food, you realize that you either have to change your mentality now or your retirement dream later. Or I can be fat & happy & be a sample lady at See's in 20 years. I'd be a gosh darn good sample lady, complete with a pouty face if you don't take the truffle I try to give you!

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Melissa said...

yes it is very blue.
You are quite the detective. :)

So, you realize why I will probably never retire. LOL

Truffles. mmmmm