Monday, February 8, 2010

Applesauce and Vista

I run my life with lists. When you're slightly OCD and have a tremendous achievement motivation (instead of power and affiliation), you tend to like to get things done. There's something satisfying about checking things off a list.

One of my tasks for this week is to make Valentine's Day cookies and take them to the neighbors. Why? Oh, I don't know. I guess maybe to be festive and to create some sort of goodwill. Believe me, it's a passing glimmer of friendliness soon to zoom by & I'll be back to my cranky self soon enough.

Despite being a listmaker, I am a horrible listmaker. For instance, every time I grocery shop I come home to a husband who has already put 2 things on the grocery list that I forget to get. Yes, I will have thought I did a complete inventory of our food. I will make (what I think) is a comprehensive list, and I will have left off at least two things. I did a huge grocery trip this weekend, and I come home to "eggs" on the new grocery list. Ugh! I had seen a carton of eggs in the fridge when I was making my list, so I didn't take the time to see just how many eggs were in the carton.

So today I decided to make the cookie dough. I'm also one of those people who doesn't do inventory before making something. So I start out melting butter, pouring sugar, and ... ooops... we only have ONE egg and I need TWO eggs. A sane person probably would have called hubby (who was at martial arts) to have him bring home a carton of eggs. But, alas, I am me & I decide to improvise. Yes, since I'm such a cook (NOT!) and quite good at this baking thing and have a real zeal for substituting things on a whim (NOT!).

I seem to recall that you can substitute applesauce for something in brownies. Something? Yeah, I couldn't quite recall if it was an egg substitute, but gosh darn it we had applesauce, and I was going to FORCE it to be a substitute for one egg.

I'm chilling my dough now. We'll see how applesauce in sugar cookies goes over. My theory is that I can disguise it with lots of frosting. Hmmmm... now my problem is that I can't find my cookie cutters.

I got this computer game that involves puzzle solving. It was released in 2008, and it says it's compatible with Windows Vista. Well, it's not working. I loaded the thing, restarted, and the game won't play. I thought perhaps that it was my computer, so I get out S's computer. Install it, and it doesn't work on his Windows Vista computer either. So that's a complete waste.

I do have the Windows 7 upgrade sitting here, but S wants to back up everything first & I have that impatience "issue" so I think I'm banned from doing anything else rash today.

Applesauce sugar cookies, here I come!


Marie Tere said...

Oil B! It's oil! You substitute applesauce for OIL! How'd they turn out? Do I get one? I don't know if there is an egg substitute.

Karin said...

the world would be a very sad and uncreative place were it not for those of us who improvise, especially while cooking. the most memorable cookies i ever made were not even edible - but they did bounce when you dropped them on a hard surface! how fun is THAT?

Miss J's Mom said...

Karin, I would have eaten those cookies. Those sound awesome!

MTC, you will get 1 or 2, enough to taste but not sabotage. :)