Monday, February 22, 2010

Productive Weekend

It was a really productive weekend. One of those weekends where you don't feel too rushed, you cross things off the list & you feel refreshed to go back to work.

The two big things were that we cleared away all the plant life that was way too close to the house (i.e., climbing the foundation and working its way into the siding and windows). S also cleaned most of the moss off the driveway. I tell ya, buying a house from people who didn't do a thing to the house for 8 YEARS is shocking. The things you will find!

The other big thing was that we finished cleaning the old house and moving all of our stuff out. YES! All of our stuff is in the new house now. Mentally it's great to know that we are done, done, done with the other house & all our stuff is now in THIS house. And physically it's just nice to have this time stuff again: i.e., dining room table, entry way mirror, my favorite pictures, etc.

Aside from the two big things, we also did other stuff on the weekend. We got two kitchen remodel estimates. We got pictures taken of our favorite little girl. I grocery shopped and found some awesome deals on clearance for Julia clothes. We had dinner with my mom. S and I had our financial planning meeting. We played some Nancy Drew on the computer. I worked out. Whew.... plus those bigger projects noted above. Dang, we were productive!

We sign papers on our old house on Tuesday, and at 5pm on Wednesday...we only own 1 house instead of 2. Score! While our costs on the other house were minimal (property taxes, insurance, and utilities), I was dreading tending to 2 yards & dealing with our real estate agent any more. She would call us every day or more than once a day, it seemed, and frankly I'm tired of getting calls and e-mails from her. It's like having a real naggy mother.

Have a good night!

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