Monday, February 1, 2010

Big Ol' Pile of Random

1. FB flirting with lollipops when you're 40 is just disgusting. Seriously. Please refrain from using that application. I don't want to know who's been sucking on your lollipop. Put your lollipop in a private place so the rest of the world doesn't have to see it. Thank you.

2. I'm hungry. I ate well today, and I'm not gonna ruin it. But dang I'm hungry!

3. Denise Austin exercise videos are losing their allure. She just does what the fad of the year is. Remember when tae bo was all the rage? Yeah, Denise has a video. Pilates? Check. Interval training? Check. I did her Boot Camp video, which seems like a Jackie Warner rip off. I check all these workout videos out from the library (at least Denise's, since she's not on Exercise TV on demand). Then I do on demand workouts too. Gotta mix it up.

4. Possibly cautiously optimistic on something. We'll see once we know more.

5. Our health insurance plan gives us a $50 check if we fill out this online profile. I just took it. Hmmmmph... I need to lose weight. I could have told you that without being paid $50, but I'll take the $50.

6. I found the checks that S's aunt sent!!!!!! YAY!!!! It's not so much the money, but that I had lost them (even temporarily). I get so mad at myself when I lose things.

7. Julia ate a whole scrambled egg tonight with some olive oil and whole milk. YAY! And half a cookie.

8. I'm allergic to something in this house. I sneeze all the time, produce way too much mucus, and have a constant headache. We've changed the air filter, steam cleaned the carpets, washed and/or painted the walls. What to do? What to do?

9. I want to take a vacation. Just to putz around the house and not feel like I have to cram all the house stuff on evenings and weekends. I have about 6 weeks of vacation to take through August. Everyone seems to take their vacation in July and August, but why can't I take it in February? It's not like I want to take weeks off. Just a few days here and there. Once you have off more than 3 work days in a row, it's easy for it to degenerate into wasting time. A day or two off a week keeps you a bit more motivated.

10. I still don't go to the basement in this house by myself. I can't wait for the day when I don't think twice about going down there. For now I accumulate stuff in a pile and then try to solicit "assistance" to carry things down. Do you think he's onto me?


Krista said...

Ok, so where was the "lost" check?
Good job on your exercise and food! I am doing good with the exercise but not so good with the food, especially since the IL's have been here.

Miss J's Mom said...

The "lost" check was in a junk drawer box. You know, the box that has really old cell phones, 1st birthday decorations, spare change, pens, Happy Thanksgiving daycare art, etc. THAT box!

And it was in a little clear bag. I remembered that part. I suppose back in early December that I would have unpacked that box before early February.

Tasty food is hard to pass up. My MIL always tries to sabotage me with cheesecake.

Is your 1970s bathroom movin' on up to a new decade?

Anonymous said...

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Melissa said...

Hey!! Love the random thoughts!!
Glad you found the check.
I am not a Denise Austin fan at all, not sure why, but she aggitates me.

I forgot about you telling me you had figured out what company I work for. Does the name remind you of an 80s cartoon?

Anonymous said...

#5 -- Is this OUR plan? If so, would you please send the link my way? ;-)

Marie Tere said...

I can relate to #2. Yeah Ms. J on the eggs and cookies, great combo.