Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day 9

45 minutes of brisk walking at lunch brings my total up to 270 minutes.

I'm trying to organize Julia's valentines for school. I have to get all the names of her classmates. Of course, I know most of them, but you have to make sure you have them all and have their proper spellings. She has a Carson in her class, but instead of the "o" there's a "y." And it's a BOY! These spellings are kinda crazy. I'm used to the Stacy vs. Stacie. I can even tolerate Rebekkah instead of Rebecca. But when a "y" replaces an "o," I must roll my eyes.


Leigh Ann said...

Ok, I'm a lazy mom, but unless they tell me too...I am just putting "from Waylon" on them and not putting a "to" on it at all. I'm gonna put candy with it though! :)

Karin said...

valentines for pre-pre-schoolers? really?

i'm just glad v-day is a sunday. and there's a holiday the day after. and we are going out of town the friday before that.

Miss J's Mom said...

LA, duuuuude I should have written "To my friend" on all of them instead of trying to write all these names with funky spellings. I've already had to write Amyah's name 3 times. I kept wanting to write Amaya. No, it's Amyah. I cannot figure out the "y" placement AT ALL.

Karin, oh, avoidance, that's a good way to do it! Have a great weekend away.

Leigh Ann said...

Well, scratch my laziness! This morning they sent home a list with all the kid's names on them. Oh well! I TRIED to be lazy...that counts right? ;0)

Scrapping in Circles said...

Sister's teacher last year (first grade) told the parents to just have the kids sign their valentines and not put names on them so they could just go around and drop them ihn the bags. Sister had already written all 30 of her classmates' names by that point. This year, I was going to do that, but both Brother and Sister insisted that they needed to put names on them since they wanted to pick specific ones for each of their classmates. Fortunately, Brother wrote his name on each of his so I just filled in his classmates' names and Sister did hers all on her own.

I must say, I'm not a huge Valentine's Day person. I love holidays and a reason to decorate, but giving gifts to everyone for Valentine's Day is silly to me. I have a hard enough time remember my extended family member's birthdays! (;

Miss J's Mom said...

LA, ha ha ha, joke's on you! Don't you love the big hint with the class list? Oh geez, when it becomes pressure-filled, it's much less fun.

N, we're not doing anything for Valentine's Day here. It's a stupid holiday but an excuse to make heart-shaped cookies and wear pink/red. I'm trying not to add much consumerism to it. Okay, I put a pack of Princess and the Frog valentines for $1.50 and used candy we already had in the house. I suppose I can spare that.