Wednesday, February 17, 2010

When you end up not knowing where you are

I kinda wrote off this evening. I ate something I wasn't supposed to eat, and I have quite a tummy ache. When I say "not supposed to eat," I mean as in will double over with stomach cramps kind of "not supposed to eat." It's been suggested that I not eat a zillion different things which I'm supposedly intolerant of, but there's a short list of things that give me physical maladies. And of course I like the food and think I should be cured, and then I go and eat it and pay the price. So it's been a blog reading kind of night because it hurts to move.

With the advent of blogs, I notice that my book reading has nosedived to about nil. I love to read, but with this moving/remodeling/kid hubbub, my attention span for a book is pretty much non-existent. Blogs fill up that missing hole in my life. People are fascinating.

With a few clicks, though, you end up on blogs that you can't retrace how you got there. Extremely interesting people, good laughs, intrigue, who needs a book when you have 100 blog subscriptions? Don't worry, I won't be letting that library card collect TOO much dust. Ann Rule likely has a new book coming out, and gosh darn I've got to find out how the husband killed the wife this time!

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Melissa said...

Sorry you felt nasty. I do the same thing with the few foods that I KNOW to stay away from, but sometimes I get stupid.