Monday, February 15, 2010

Weekend Recap

First things first, on Day 15 I did 30 minutes of Turbo Jam Lower Body, so that brings my total to 395 minutes for February.

Julia and my dear husband have been sick. Julia didn't go to daycare on Friday due to her fever, and neither did hubby. I stayed home because it's tough to predict how hard Julia will be to manage solo when you're not feeling well. Sometimes she does sick well, and sometimes she doesn't. This time she did it better than we expected. Friday was pajama day, and we didn't get much done other than make a batch of brownies and eat the aforementioned batch of brownies. It was one of those days when dishes and laundry pile up quickly.

On Saturday we were all moving sluggishly, but with a bit more gusto than Friday. I made a vat of chili. We cleaned. I did laundry. We went to the Sears Outlet to look for appliances; we were hoping for some good deals. Nah, you can find better sales at the store & the ones in the real store aren't dented and scratched. Hubby had a Honeybaked Ham gift certificate from work, and we got two turkey roasts with it. 1.5 of the turkey roasts are gone by now - we know how to eat turkey! My mom came with us on our little adventure. On Saturday night we took the opportunity to clean the garage some. It's definitely more organized now. Still kinda smelly from the previous owner, but at least organized.

On Sunday my mom came over to watch Miss J, and we went to Redmond to see a play. Then we went to Claim Jumper afterward. Have you read that 5 Love Languages book? Well, neither of us like to receive gifts (no flowers please), we don't need a lot of words of affirmation (no cards please), we don't need a tremendous amount of physical affection, but we definitely like our quality time. It was nice to watch a play and then eat afterward. Eat! Oh how I love to eat. Did you know Claim Jumper was bad for the diet? :) The play was pretty good, and I got some sweets during intermission.

Today S had to work, so that means I had Miss J all day. We watched Sesame Street and Curious George in the morning. Then I went to meet the playgroup at the community center. It was fun. Some of the kids are a little violent. There are two brothers, and one of the brothers threw a ball at Julia's face, and the smaller brother yanked the toy she was playing with out of her hands. And their mom just sat there. Later the older one accosted another girl with a ball repeatedly, and she just sat there still. Not so fond of her parenting abilities.

After the playgroup, we came home. I fed Miss J lunch, then she went down for a nap (and maybe I did too). The stinker woke up an hour later, I carried her downstairs, and she fell asleep in my arms for another hour. It's always nice to hold her, but it certainly would have been nice if she (and I) continued to sleep for another hour in our own respective beds. When she woke up for the second time, I attempted to feed her a snack (do 5 grapes count?), and then we took a walk outside. Then Daddy came home a few minutes later. Seriously - I do not understand how a day can go so quickly. We left for the playgroup at 9:30am, and then the playgroup - lunch - nap - second nap - snack - play outside & it's 4:30pm.

This evening I went grocery shopping & went to Lowe's to order a chandelier. It took a horrendous amount of time and 4 employees to figure out how to order it. It was on display, but it was special order.

As you can tell from my diatribe, I ate a lot, didn't exercise a whole lot, and there's only 3 days til weigh-in. Boo! I did a lot of damage in 4 days. One food I didn't mention was that I got a pack of cinnamon raisin English muffins. Those were so good. And I drank a 2-liter of ginger ale (not diet). I'm not one for soda normally, but I was having a ginger ale craving.

All in all, a good weekend. It certainly feels like we aren't making progress on this house (or the old house) like we wanted to. Feeling sick, taking care of Miss J, other commitments ... there's just not enough time (or energy) in the day!

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Melissa said...

Don't you just hate doing the playgroup thing with those moms who don't even seem to pay attention to what's going on? Drives me CRAZY!