Thursday, February 18, 2010

Daylight - I want some!

My big beef with the seasons/tide/earth moving "stuff" is that I like more daylight. No, I don't need sunshine, per se. I'm quite fine with gray skies and a little bit of drizzle. But I'm not so fond of the sun setting by 5pm. I suppose now it's closer to 6ish, but still... ugh, it makes it difficult to do anything that requires daylight around the house. You know, like pull back the weeds that the Hwangs didn't trim for 8 YEARS! Clean the deck that the Hwangs haven't cleaned for 8 YEARS! Wash the glass walls surrounding the deck that haven't been cleaned guessed it: 8 YEARS! I want to tackle this stuff. So you will tell me that's what weekends are for. Well, kind reader, it's very hard to do such things while Julia is awake. We either have to tag team her, or we both have to be outside. One of us has to make sure she doesn't run into the street, which is usually me, because I'm allergic to all plant life it seems. The thing is that Julia wants to do whatever Daddy's doing. She's a complete Daddy's girl. So he's trying to do yardwork, she wants him to hold her while she "helps," I'm not doing much because I'm sneezing, and after two hours one branch is trimmed. Lovely.

Daylight. I want more daylight. It would be so nice to do some of this stuff after Julia goes to bed. On weekends, we tend to rest during naptime while she does. We're such old farts who are outdone by a 1-year old.

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