Monday, October 5, 2009

Waiting for the Point Fairy

For the vast majority of my life, it's been a source of comfort that I don't need to rely on a paycheck. I mean, I love payday like everyone else, but if something happened with the automatic deposit, it's not like I would go without food. That's what an emergency fund is for.

I totally empathize with those who wait for payday though. I've been doing this Weight Watchers thing with an okay amount of success (20 pounds lost since January...not stunning by any means, but it's a nice amount). My self-control is getting the better of me, and I have been tending to be out of points for the day by 2pm. Every day you get a restock of your points, and every week you get a restock of 35 flex points.

I am waiting in agony for the points fairy to restock my daily points and weekly flex points. I'm going through my points like a shopaholic goes through her paycheck, and then I whine about how I'm penniless til "pay day." When the real issue is that my lack of self-control is the real problem. I can live within my means (point allocation) comfortably with a little self-restraint.

Why oh why am I better with money than with food? I can stretch a budget like no one's business. And I can stretch a waistband like no one's business too.


Karin said...

love the metaphor bethy :)

Melissa said...

Maybe try tracking from 5pm to 5pm?

Leigh Ann said...

You're too funny! And I am SO behind on your blogs :( I skim over them and then never go back to comment. I am so sorry...I am still reading even if I don't comment!

Miss J's Mom said...

Tracking from 5pm to 5pm...hmmm...I wonder if that would work better. Wouldn't hurt to try, I suppose.