Sunday, October 4, 2009

It's like Beta and VHS

I did a 20 minute run today! As in, running for 20 consecutive minutes without a heart attack, throwing up, or convulsions. Woot woot! For the next week I'm going to do the same run, and then I'm going to gradually up it each week til I get to 30 minutes of consecutive running.

Two entertaining blogs: self-explanatory, dating horror stories that will make you appreciate your significant other a whole lot more. And if you're single, it makes looking single a whole lot better. Cute letters that have been sent

I have a slanket (gift in 2007). With all of this Snuggie crazy, I felt bad for the poor slanket that hasn't gotten much of the attention. The stupid Snuggie has gotten all the attention. I wondered if the slanket was like Beta, and the Snuggie was like VHS. I had to know the answer, and I found this cute review of Snugglie vs. Slanket vs. a few other blankets with sleeves.

Time for night night!

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Melissa said...

20 minutes! WOO HOO!! Congrats!