Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Pot Full of Random

#1 - On my walk/run tonight, I encountered a boy of approximately the age of 14, smoking, skateboarding, and wearing pink eyeshadow. He was trying to hit on some young girl. I wanted to tell the girl that you should never date a boy who wears more makeup than you.

#2 - Don't try to run on a full stomach. Lesson learned.

#3 - My husband thinks my blog is hilarious. Poor guy is delusional. Since I don't really talk much, I suppose he likes to read my sarcastic & reclusive thoughts on his iPhone. Must cheer him up somehow. To each his own, I guess.

#4 - What to do when you're friend'ed on Facebook by people you don't want to be friends with? Some I think I can get by with ignoring. Others I've accepted and limited their access since they have 4 friends and will notice if I don't accept them. Now I'm paranoid that they'll find my blog. Then I'll be hauled off to a psychiatric facility for what they think is depression. Yeah, 1 or 2 people think I'm depressed because they used to read my (old) Myspace blog. I don't think much has changed between that blog and this blog, so I'm still probably depressed in their minds. If I was actually going through major depression, one might think my husband or friends would intervene. Eh, the thing is that the people who think I'm depressed don't really know me. I'm not the perky type. If you want pep and perk, I'm sure you can find it in blogland (I personally think you can find a whole treasure trove of perky moms in blogland, I seem to run by them all the time and want to retch in my green tea when they talk about their perfect lives). I'm more of the goth-y, angst-ridden, roll your eyes type who can't pretend to be perky to save her life.

#5 - Why am I everyone's counselor? Seriously, I should charge. People spew all sorts of crap around me. Back in dorm days, I knew all the dirt. When at least 12 people in the dorm confessed every juicy tidbit to you that involved everyone on their floor, I could have started a daily gossip column.

#6 - Bed time. Or at least puzzle time! I love doing puzzles, and after Julia goes to bed is the prime time to solve them.


Melissa said...

I need to figure out that limiting access thing on Facebook. I have added a few people against my better judgement and in the back of my mind, I'm worried about it.

Like you, I DO NOT want them finding my blog. Grrrrr...I guess I could go all private. hmmm...or add them, then delete them and they'll never know the difference.

Melissa said...
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Miss J's Mom said...

Melissa, you can limit access to who can see your status updates and wall in the Settings feature. They won't know.

And there's several people I don't particularly want to see on Facebook. You can also set it so you can't see what they post. Fun little feature!