Thursday, October 29, 2009

Her Pinkness

Today was Think Pink day for breast cancer awareness. We were to wear our pink garb and eat cookies and engage in other assorted "pink" day activities. Of course, apathetic me was having a hard enough time remembering to wear a pink shirt. Then M gets all excited about the pink possibilities (including pink footies...way to lure me in, M!). So then I get to thinking and actually start getting excited about it.

It also helps that I just love the performer Pink. Except for the whole going back to a cheating spouse thing, but you could probably see the writing on the wall when SHE proposed to HIM. But I digress...

Therefore, last night I try to find a pink outfit and pink hair dye. For some reason, I was freaking obsessed to find pink footies (thanks again, M!). I finally did find some, but they were for GIRLS--an extra large, but still - it was the GIRLS department I found them in. I still bought them, as I did not have enough courage to try them on in the store. Went home, and they were possibly quite snug in the hips in boobs. Or most possibly snug. However, I must say, they could technically be zipped. I was bummed, though, that I couldn't wear them.

But Bethy does not disappoint. I set my alarm for 5am to get up earlier than normal, futz with my pink hair dye and assemble my pink outfit. I thought I did pretty good for my minimal investment, which was just the cost of pink hair dye. Pink hair, stole Julia's bows for the day, pink glitter on my face, lip gloss on my cheeks, pink shirt, pink pants, pink slippers.

My mind's already turning about next year's Think Pink day. It might involve a tacky 1980s hot pink prom dress, lots of taffetta, ruffles, matching shoes, AND pink hair.

Not that M and I are at ALL competitive!

I contemplated putting a picture up of My Pinkness, but ya know, I'll just leave it for Facebook.

Over and out, my sweets ~

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