Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Feeling Kinda Crappy

Long time, no blog. I feel crappy. It's taking all of my energy to do the morning routine, get through work, come home and do the evening routine, Shred, and pass out.

I had sinus surgery back in February, and it was (in theory) to chisel out my sinuses so they actually drain. Somehow I got a goop backlog (my 2nd goop backlog since February...hmmm...great surgery, huh?), and the goop backlog has become infected. This I know because I keep hocking up neon yellow crap tinged with blood. YUM! Julia's got a variation of it too. So we've been doping her and me up with Tylenol before bed, and then we're off on our marathon sleepfest. Sometimes I win the sleepfest, and sometimes she wins. I won on Saturday night with my 13 hours of sleep, and she won last night. I think S is liking the two of us sleeping so much. He gets free time without rocking one or both of us in our grumpy, icky state.

I really need to wash our bedding, as in the quilt and feather comforter cover. I'm allergic to dust and feathers, both of which are on our bed. That would probably ebb the sneezing, and the sneezing contributes to the goop backlog. I should get rid of the feathers, but I don't wanna!

Picture retakes today. Of course with the horrible backdrop I'm not expecting much. Plus Julia has scratched her nose in several places from trying to wipe it. So she has bloody scratches, snot coming out of her nose, her hair is all over the place. But I have to follow the protocol if I want to get my money back.

Whining will end, hopefully the rest of the week will be rejuvenating. At least I hope so.