Friday, October 23, 2009

A Curious Person am I

Julia seems to be adapting to the new daycare room nicely. I think we're down to two big projects. #1 - Get her completely off the bottle (she's about 50/50 now) and #2 - Get her off the pacifier. I think getting her off the bottle is do-able by the time she turns 18 months. The pacifier? Geez, I think she's going to have it while she walks down the wedding aisle. She has definitely come along way since turning 12 months. I'm so proud of her!

In the infant room, there's a boy named Balin. I think he's about 9-10 months old. I've always been fascinated by him because he's so huge. He's one roly poly baby, so big that it's awkward for him to move. One of the workers told me it's funny how his mom is this short little thing and Dad is like 6'6".

I've seen Balin's mom a few times. She was holding him, and she can't be over 5'0". He's literally half her size.

Well, today there was a really tall guy picking him up when I was picking up Julia. Dad, right, since he was really tall. Well, there was this 25-ish year old woman with him. NOT Mom. She was taller. are Mom and Dad no longer together and he's with a new woman and picking up his son for the weekend. I wonder...

If I wasn't so bogged down trying to find all of Julia's stuff, I would have said something to new chick. She was kind of standing there nervously off to the side.

The things I wonder. Way too nosy - I mean inquisitive - for my own good.


Leigh Ann said...

How interesting about the dad and mystery woman! I would have to be nosey and ask someone who worked at the daycare :)

Yay for Julia! She is doing so great! Don't worry about the pacifier. Waylon will be bringing his "blankie" to his wedding with him. He only gets more and more attached to it everyday. Linus ain't got nuttin on Waylon. I see a struggle in my future....

April said...

interesting, and I am 'curious' as well. However, I will issue a word of caution posting other kids names as well as personal info because you never know who is reading :-) I ONLY say this because I said something on my blog about my daughters teacher once and got pounced on by another mother from the class...she told me to 'grow up' and said I was 'crazy'. People are stalkers man....seriously!

Karin said...

thanks for the reminder about blog anonymity april, I mean "previous poster."

C is also very attached to his binky. He only has it for sleeping at home, although I do have one on standby in the d-bag for emergencies (shots, dr visits, stressful afternoon, etc).

We are not going to "cut him off" until he's older (2 or 3?). He is getting more attached to his various stuffed animals and little blankeys though. I think that's normal as they start exploring their world more.

Melissa said...

Ask a daycare worker (and report back to us).