Tuesday, October 13, 2009

It's Cold in Here

Quiet, rainy, COLD night. We keep our house cool at 65 degrees to save energy/money during the winter. For some reason, that feels insanely cold to me right now as I lay here shivering under a blanket. Usually I have heatstroke when it's 72, so I find this unusual. Maybe because it was 80 just a few short days ago that the sudden drop to the 40s at night has thrown by body for a loop. Eh, my body will adjust soon enough, and then I'll be back to feeling steamy if it gets to 68 inside.

Ran tonight! I completed most of the run although I did a small amount of walking. My legs were burning when I started, and it never let up. It was a very short time that I walked and near the end, but I sincerely thought I was going to hurl and/or pass out. Running sucks.

The neighbors up one house and across the street had a U-Haul outside their house the past few days. It's weird because their garage looks like it has the usual stuff in it. Divorce??? Hmmmm...inquiring minds want to know what's going on. Time will tell.


Melissa said...

Times like that make a neighborhood e-mail newsletter a good idea.

Scrapping in Circles said...

Isn't it weird that 65 in the summer is warm and in the winter feels freezing. Why is that? We keep our house 65 during the daytime and 62 at night. Our bedrooms tend to stay warmer than the main area where the temperature gauge is kept. To me, nighttime isn't as bad. It is the daytime that I feel really cold. I did cheat and turn on our gas stove for a little bit yesterday afternoon. Shhhh...don't tell Tim.(;

Miss J's Mom said...

Yeah, Melissa, I have to know ALL the dirt!

N, we have the same temps as you. At night it used to be 56, but someone got outvoted since Miss J made her entrance. I won't spill to the T-man. I think it's because of the sudden change in temps that it feels so cold. Our bodies will adjust soon, I hope!