Wednesday, October 21, 2009


1. Day 4 of shredding complete. Surprisingly the soreness is starting to fade already. Shredding is much, much better than running. Have I said how much I dislike running?

2. Could be bad news tomorrow. Hope it's good news, but in the back of my mind I have some doubts. Still, trying to stay positive.

3. I *think* Julia may be 21 pounds. Not an official weight, but close enough. That means she has gained 1/2 a pound in 6 weeks. She's been on 100% whole milk for a while (3 weeks maybe?). She used to be on concentrated formula that was 30 calories per ounce. Whole milk is only about 18 calories per ounce. It may not seem like a huge difference, but that means she is roughly getting 150-200 calories less a day now from liquids, and she needs to be making up the difference in solids. Since she has gained a small amount, that means that likely she IS making up the difference!

4. Today was Day 1 for Julia in the upper toddler room. She got moved with her most favorite teacher Rosemary. And she ate all of her lunch in a slightly different setting with a few different kids, so hooray for adjusting so much more easily than her infant to toddler transition!

5. Pumpkin patch on Saturday!

6. I eat a lot. I ate a lot of tortilla spirals today. Hey, they had some protein!

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Melissa said...

Shred is killing me. I want to kick my own butt for talking about it and making a challenge so that I have to be accountable.
Can I rethink that?