Thursday, October 8, 2009

These walls are closing in

Very strange thing happened a few days ago. I get a friend request on Facebook from the center director at Julia's daycare. Okaaaaaay, guess I have to accept her. Guess I can't put any daycare status updates anymore. Then today I get a friend request from someone who doesn't sound familiar. I sit there, think about it, and then realize it's a daycare teacher. Not Julia's, but another. Okaaaaay, guess I have to accept her. Apparently she's 5 months pregnant. She's one of those that is rail thin and doesn't show. Now that I'm her "friend," I see that she's 20 years old, got married a month ago, has a 3 year old boy, and is having a boy that she's already named Jordan. (She found out the baby's gender today.) She just posted her wedding pictures, and all of the girls she works with were at the wedding. One was a bridesmaid.

And last week my father-in-law Friend'ed me.

This is all very strange. Particularly the daycare thing because it's like a business relationship. Right? Well, I didn't want Kindercare for a reason, so I guess I have to put up with the downside of going to a more family-like Christian daycare.

Guess I can't have any more goth posts on Facebook either. Sheesh, take all my fun away!

Daycare is having a "harvest party" on October 30th. They're giving out candy and having games and such. It is NOT a Halloween party. Ooops, I made a booboo today when Jessica asked me if we were coming to the harvest party, and I mentioned Halloween and dressing up. Got it. "Harvest party." Guess that's the difference between the hard core Christians and the Catholics. We Catholics still do Halloween.

Guess I won't be coming to the "harvest party" as a goth witch.

Anyways, Julia has a boyfriend. She was tackled by Daniel and smothered with kisses by him today, and she was laughing while he was doing it. Not sure S is liking that she has the affection of a boy. I think she disappointed him because she was expected to knee him in the groin or something. How much you want to bet he hauls her off to tae kwon do next week?


April said...

yes, Catholics still do Halloween! When I was Reformed Presbyterian our church had an annual Reformation Day cookout on Halloween and we showed up one year with Cate still in her halloween costume after her trick or treating, then after that we just stopped going. We like Halloween!

Facebook friend requests can be sticky. There are a lot of folks from my church who have friended me and Seth on facebook. For the most part, it's cool, but there are the teenage girls who help in the nursery, that I just think..."But I don't want to be your friend!"

Melissa said...

I'm with you on the Facebook thing. There are a couple of work people and *gasp* my MIL that added me. I eventually bit the bullet and added them, but I swear I will never post whatever I want too again.

Scrapping in Circles said...

I love Halloween. I worked at a charter school in Arizona that was run by Baptists and they always did the Fall Harvest thing instead. Not the same. Fortunately, the kids still got to wear their costumes to school unlike the public schools.

Scrapping in Circles said...

BTW, I agree about it being difficult to refuse people "friendship" on facebook. Too bad there aren't different levels of friendship that can be kept secret from others. The question is, how did they even know you had an account?

Miss J's Mom said...

A - I love Halloween too! The harvest parties aren't going to ruin our fun. I hope all works out on your joist issues in the new house.

M - Just hide your status from them. :)

N - I don't know WHY she would even look for me. And then I have that name twin, so I have that extra buffer. Now the other workers at the daycare have too. Ugh!