Monday, January 25, 2010

Where to store the chapstick?

Tonight I unpacked one lousy box. I had high hopes for more, but it seemed to take forever to unpack just the one. It was one of those boxes that wasn't very big, but a whole drawer (or three) had been dumped into it. Lots of little stuff: pens, letter openers, chapstick, magnets, spare change, tea lights, and on and on and on. It led to all these monumental decisions, like where to store the chapstick?

I did a Denise Austin workout video tonight: Cardio Blast. Eh. My impression of Denise Austin is that she tries to get on board with all the new fads, but the main part of her moves don't change. And the moves that she did 10 years ago she still does. Maybe a little too "old school." Lots of grapevining and very few reps. Like each move you did 4 times before moving on. 4 squats, 4 grapevines, 4 lunges, 4 v-steps... it just seems rather weak compared to Jillian Michaels & Jackie Warner & The Firm. Although I really don't like the Firm because of all their "adding on" and orders they bark while doing confusing dance moves.

I was quite pleased with a Jackie Warner video I did last week. Gosh, I was sore after it! That's good. Jillian Michaels is okay too. What I like about these 2 ladies is they don't try to do dance moves or anything. It's just doing the exercises and moving on. Denise Austin has quite a bit more "fluff" in her workouts. And so perky that you want to slap her.

I've figured out my February exercise goal. 600 minutes throughout the month. That should burn about one pound of fat. Plus hopefully reducing my eating will take care of another 1-2 pounds. I can mix it up to get to 600 minutes: fast walking, jogging, workout videos, etc. It should be fun!

I'm ready for bed!

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