Sunday, January 10, 2010

Food & Linen

I, for one, was an oink oink this weekend. I hate that my birthday is a week after New Year's resolutions. I'm not yet in my diet groove, and tantalizing things are my weakness.

I think most of our kids are in a food lull right now. Maybe it's a 18-19 month thing. Not eating much, being extremely picky about presentation and what she wants to drink out of. Running around naked & you can count her ribs. When they're so little, it's hard to tell if it's a toddler phase or if this is the reason why they're so tiny (non-eating). Making the nutritionist/GI specialist rounds suck, so I'm going to attribute it to a toddler phase until I learn otherwise.

This house does not have a linen closet. That means you have to put sheets and towels either in the bathroom, in bedroom closets or in the laundry room. None of the options is very attractive to me. And the thing is that they could have made a linen closet - there's plenty of space.

Suddenly feel tired - off to hopefully nighty night.


Melissa said...

She'll be fine. :)
Audrey did the same thing around that age and we had NEVER had food issues before that.
The ped said "she'll eat when she's hungry" and that's what she did. Just give her plenty of full fat and full of good stuff options. :)

Krista said...

I can't believe that huge house doesn't not have a linen closet, strange. Maybe the food thing is just a phase. M isn't eating much either. And to make it worse all she wants to eat is chicken nuggets, pretzels and juice. If she is hungry she ask for this no matter what time of day it is. I am ready to pull my hair our.

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Karin said...

colin's food habits are at a low too. he skipped dinner last night (6 blueberries are not dinner) and woke up screaming for milk at 1am. skipped lunch today. and snack. bah. i'm blaming it on the toddler thang, teething and the move.