Sunday, January 24, 2010

Good Sale Chi

Usually I find a few good deals here and there, but it tends to be hit or miss. Today was rockin' for the deals!

Remember how I send I wanted a big wall clock yesterday? So I go to Fred Meyer this morning, and I gravitate to one that I think looks really pretty. $69.99 on sale for $39.99. Then I have a 20% off coupon & a 10% off coupon, so it ends up being a little less than $30. Woot woot! It's 24" inches in diameter and exactly the dimensions I wanted.

On my list for Fred Meyer, I had some things listed like french fries, milk, cleaner, syrup, etc. They were all either on sale or there was a coupon in the Fred Meyer for all of them. And I scored oranges for 33 cents a pound.

This morning we went to Target. Julia's Gerber meal (the only one she will touch) was on sale. The reason we went to Target was that I've scoured all of the stores around here & finally decided on which shelving units I wanted for the Y2K closet. I was trying to find ones that held a good amount of weight, semi-attractive looking (i.e., not the icky grey/steel garage types ones), and don't break the bank. After a month of looking, we finally decided on the ones at Target. We go there today to buy them, and it turns out they were on sale (ad started today). 15% off!

Yay for today's bargains! This will never happen again, so I figure that I must memorialize the day when I got some great deals and wasn't expecting it.

We put together one of the shelving units this evening (it only took 20 minutes). They look nice and will hold a lot. I'm going back this week to get 2 more units!


Marie Tere said...

I heart Target and FM! Glad to read your weekend was productive. I'd love a large wall clock too. Take a pic to share!

Melissa said...

Wow! You are quite the bargain shopper!

Melissa said...
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