Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Our little bedfellow

It's 3am, and I've been up since 1:30. All due to a screaming toddler. Not sure what her problem was, but she was screaming and inconsolable. Offered her liquids, food, finally gave her some Tylenol, sang to her, danced with her, it was like having an infant again! When your kid's been up screaming for half an hour, you kind of start running out of options. Julia's one of those kids that must be up and moving when she's screaming and as she calms down, you bring down the pace til you're eventually rocking back and forth & then can lay her down. I just didn't have the stamina at 2am and brought her to bed. Initially, she protested, as she always does. She does NOT like our bed anymore. After another song, she finally let me lay her down between us.

Until she was 8 months old, Julia coslept with us. It was one of those things I never thought I'd do, but with her extreme fussiness & being up every 1-2 hours at night, we got into a cosleeping rhythm. We both grew to like having a swaddled camo baby between us. She seemed a tad calmer cosleeping vs. being in her crib back then. And since she HAD to be swaddled til she was 8 months, she really couldn't move much so she wasn't too much of a bother. Occasionally she'd rotate 90 degrees after a few hours, and we'd just move her back into place.

Tonight brought back the memories. It was so nice to have her between us again. Of course, she's longer, more fidgety & a bit unruly now. Within half an hour, she was 90 degrees with her head in my face and her feet in S's side. It was so cute because I sneezed at about 2:30am. While asleep, she told me, "Bless you." So sweet.

At 2:45am, she popped up and said she wanted to eat. She was just playing us and wanted a second paci. After S retrieved her a second paci, we asked if she wanted to go into her own bed and she said yes. So now she's back in her bed, S is asleep, and I'm still awake. It was really nice to have her fall asleep with us. With all her moving around, I could not fall back asleep...but still, it was nice.

Going to try to go back to sleep. Tired, but now my mind is very active. Just had to get out that the time she was in our bed was very nice.


Leigh Ann said...

Waylon has been waking up during the night this week too. What is up with that??? I go in there, lay him back down and give him his "bubba" blankie. He will suck his fingers and calm back down like he is going to go to sleep. BUT...then a few moments later, that little head pops back up over the crib to see if I am still there or not. If I am, he lays back down. If I am not, the screaming starts back up. So, me and the rooster blanket(that he got from Grandma at Christmas) sit in the rocking chair until that little head does not pop back up over the crib again. I have grown to really like that stupid rooster blanket this last week. It's pretty darn cozy!

Melissa said...

G co-slept with us until he was 5. I still let him sleep with me on weekends with the hubby is at work. A co-slept until about 20 months and then transitioned to her bed just fine, but I still love the mornings when I wake up and realize she crawled her way into our bed.

Miss J's Mom said...

LA, Waylon's being a little stinker. So you're supposed to sleep in a chair for an hour or more? We will get this kids back for all they put us through eventually!

Cosleeping is great, Melissa! Til 5, though? You must have a king size bed!

Marie Tere said...

Ah a Ms. J sandwich! I love it!
But poor mom and dad.
I'm all about whatever it takes!

Anonymous said...

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