Saturday, January 9, 2010

We went to S's holiday work party tonight. It's a little late. It's always a little late. My work party isn't late, but it's usually not exciting. We go out to lunch. It's a nice place, but no spouses, it's at lunch on a workday, not terribly scintillating.

But S's party is on a weekend, and they give away prizes. It's also different when it's not YOUR work party. Then it's more like a sociological study. You're just a guest and can get away with more. His work colleagues are much more "interesting" than mine. Mine can mostly form coherent sentences unless they have been hitting the open bar a little too frequently.

S's coworkers are an odd lot. Some came to the party in sweatshirts, and some came in prom dresses. (Prom dresses on 45 year olds are a bit odd.) I sat next to a guy who was my age and toothless. Just some stats I noticed about our table that I *think* would be different if it was my office party: 7 out of the 9 people at our table went on a smoke break together. 7 out of 9 people at our table had prime rib, 2 had salmon, and there wasn't a vegetarian dish offered at all.

It was an interesting night. The food wasn't all that great. Yeah, it was a free meal, but I could have done without all those calories. They gave away some nice gifts (XBox with 2 games, Flip video camera, computer & one of those fancy Kitchen Aid mixers). Of course we didn't win. We have the worst luck when it comes to those sorts of things. There were some groovy baskets, too. Those seemed to be valued between $100-$200. Didn't win one of those either. Everyone who didn't win one of the good prizes won a $10-$25 gift card. S picked a $10 gift card to Subway. At least he likes Subway.

My mom watched Miss J. It's so cool to see them like each other. For her first 14 or so months, Miss J was a beast. Really and truly she was. She could make adults, including her parents, quiver in fear. My mom was scared of her too. Now they seem to really enjoy each other, which means my mom WANTS to spend time with her vs. feeling like it's visiting a prisoner labor camp when she comes to see Miss J. Miss J is starting to enjoy my mom a lot more, say her name, and initiate play with her. It's a win/win for all of us. We get to go out alone without feeling like my mom doesn't want to be there. Miss J gets to play with her grandma. And I think my mom is enjoying playing Miss J. So, yeah, it's a win/win for everyone!

Julia was good for my mom tonight. Apparently my mom lost one of her earrings, unbeknownst to her, and she only found out about it when Julia found it & brought it to her. My mom was so impressed that Julia found her earring, didn't eat it, but instead figured out it was hers and brought it to her. I doubt Julia is a child genius, but my mom seems to think Julia is smart and sweet. And that's pretty cool. My mom doesn't like a lot of people. I'm glad Julia's on that list of people she likes.

I better get to bed.

It's officially my birthday! 32 years young!

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I hope you have a fantastic one.