Monday, January 18, 2010

Game shows and Nancy Drew

I've enjoyed game shows since Bob Barker had black hair. Most game shows involve math or words, and frankly I love both. Give me a trivia question about math, and I'm in heaven. Due to the advent of cable, there are networks dedicated to kind of obscure genres, such as game shows. For a few years, we got the Game Show Network. For 20 hours a day (they had paid programming for 4 hours), I could relive the 70s, 80s & 90s and, as their motto used to be, "see a winner every half hour."

As every TV network does, they used to refer you to their website for more information, games, contests, etc. They also had message boards, which I'd check out from time to time. It always amazed me that there were others more obsessed than I with game shows. There were people out there that had taped every episode of old game shows. Not only did these people amaze me, but it amazed me more that there was a market for such things. People would pay money for episode 114 of Wheel of Fortune. Really, really weird things.

I must confess that S and I really enjoy playing the Nancy Drew series of video games. They are games for the PC where you get to be a detective. Her Interactive usually makes 2 games per year, and they've been making games for over 10 years. S and I have played over 20 of these games. Now it's like a staple in our marriage. Back in the day (i.e., before Julia), one of these games would come out, we'd get it, and then we'd play it for a whole weekend. If it was winter, we'd drag our mattress down to the family room, sleep in front of the fire with the computer between us. Many a birthday weekend was spent playing Nancy Drew. We'd eat our meals in bed, which would be on the family room floor, and we'd be intent on solving the mystery til the wee hours of the morning. Now it's not nearly so interesting. We're about ready to collapse after trying to feed Julia all day & painting, but we still spend half an hour or so before bed trying to solve the latest mystery.

Just like with the game shows, I often look at the website for these games (, and I am stymied that there are even more obsessed people than I. These games are seemingly a large part of some people's lives. They know a considerable amount of intricacy about them and debate many different points about them.

I admire their passion but am kind of glad I don't have their passion, all at the same time!

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