Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day of rest...kinda

Since yesterday the master bathroom got painted and I had my big ol' accident (falling off the stepstool onto my back...lovely...just a few minor bruises), we decided to take a day off from painting. Painting is one of those tasks that if you start it, it makes a big mess and you feel obligation to get to a stopping point. So you're liable to stay up very late trying to get to a stopping point, and you can stress yourself out needlessly. Maybe that's just me...

So today I got a master bathroom light fixture to replace the brass seashells. I did some urgent food shopping (as in the world will end if we don't get ketchup and grape jelly by the end of today). S unpacked about 5 boxes. And I steam cleaned a chunk of the basement. There's still a chunk to go. The basement is flipping huge. Depending which appraisal you're looking at, it's between 1,500-1,700 square feet. It's about the size of a 3 bedroom house. So you can see why steam cleaning it is a monumental task that you can't do at one time. Well, I guess you could, but you'd be steam cleaning for 10 hours straight or something like that.

Thanks to Marie's wonderful work cleaning the shower and S's wonderful work of grouting the shower, we can now use the master shower! The room is freshly painted, so it's not sickly hospital green anymore. I do not know why that color gives me such a strong visceral reaction. PTSD from something with green walls is my best guess.

Went to Fred Meyer for grape jelly and ketchup today. Got behind another WIC transaction gone terribly wrong in the "express" lane. I seem to have the worst chi when it comes to Fred Meyer and being behind someone who can't figure out what they are supposed to get with their WIC checks. This time as soon as the cashier and person started arguing, I jumped ship and went to the self-checkout. I did not give myself the opportunity to roll my eyes. Not really a fan of self-checkouts, but I didn't want to waste 30 minutes in the "express" lane because the person got the wrong brand of string cheese.

Julia ate horribly yet again today, but right before bed she ate 2 chicken nuggets. 2 chicken nuggets given the very low bar for the last few weeks is awesome (and 100 calories!).

Ready to get back into the work groove, except that as I recall my work laptop got a nasty virus on the last day before break so it might still be out of commission. Boooooo!

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Karin said...

Oh Beth - there are so many stress factors right now (you nailed them all in your last post) that it's not suprising she's off her game! She'll come back - you are doing an awesome job offering her lots of things to nibble on. :)