Monday, January 25, 2010

Before/After Family Room

These are the "before" of our family room. Notice the yellow everywhere (even the ceiling), and really notice those icky valances. S took these pictures during the inspection, so you're looking at Hwang memorabilia.

Then this is after we moved in. Still yellow.

And this is tonight. Definitely less yellow. We have PTSD from those valances (they were sticky with grease and grime...ick!!!), so for now we have no plans of adding any window treatments on these windows. See the clock? Julia is in love with it. She tells us "clock" every time she sees it. $30! I thought that was a pretty good deal.


Marie Tere said...

It turned out nice. I like it! And you really don't have to worry about window cover do you? You are on a hill and no one can see in.

You are doing a great job with the house. And I love the clock.

Krista said...

Very Nice! We want to see more before and after pictures!
We are redoing our guest bathroom this week. Right now it is green with a yellow marble counter top, a gold valance and brown vinyl flooring. Bye bye 70's
When we moved we painted every room in the house, so I feel your pain!

Melissa said...

It is looking GREAT! So bright and cheery!!

Miss J's Mom said...

Thanks! I'm iffy on the shade of green but overall pleased with our paint transformation.

Krista, I can picture the yellow marble counter and brown vinyl floors. Eek! I'm not sure how you put up with it for so long.

Ann said...

Love it Beth! You guys did a great job.