Friday, January 15, 2010

Mom 'n Pop vs. Big Box

I'm more of a Lowes and Target kind of girl. I like a good selection, get in, get out. Self check-out is even better on top of it. Then I quite possibly don't have to talk to anyone on my shopping excursion.

The local hardware store is having a big sale. They have those little fluorescent light bulbs for $1 (we have about 3,433 light bulbs in this house), nightlights for $1, paint brush sets for $3 & hardwood floor cleaner for $2.

I went today. When I walk in, there are two older gentlemen talking & a younger clerk at the counter. The young man greeted me instanteously and asked if he could help me find anything. The store is pretty tiny, I have my list of 4 things, how hard can this be? "No thanks," I say and proceed through the store. I am so impressed with how much stuff is in the tiny store. You could probably fit 100 of this store in Lowe's.

I go to the cleaner section and can't find the cleaner. I go to the light bulb section and can't find the light bulbs that are on sale. I can't find the nightlights. I do see the paint brush sets, but is it worth it to get one thing?

Then the older man comes find me. He's likely the owner. He asked if he could help. I ask about the light bulbs. He said they're all out, and they'll be getting a new shipment on Wednesday. I ask about the cleaner. He says he doesn't carry the one I'm looking for because it doesn't sell well. I ask about the nightlights. He said he only had 3, and they were sold.

I do appreciate the small business owner. Although I realize more and more why I like Lowe's.

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Melissa said...

To me, there is nothing as awesome as the smell of a small mom n pop hardware store.