Saturday, January 2, 2010

Another Day

Today my mom and stepdad came over for a few hours. They helped us clean, and they watched Miss J for a bit so I could steamclean.

Master bathroom - PAINTED!
Basement - VACUUMED!
Basement - About 50% steam cleaned!

We then had a turkey dinner - sans gravy because our gravy packets are still packed (we don't do the giblet stuff that comes in the turkey). I didn't have celery either, so it was stuffing sans celery. But it was still good!

Julia has done some serious backsliding with eating lately. It's like we're back in March and April. I don't know if it's teething, the move, switching daycare teachers (though that likely wouldn't impact eating at home), or what. If I had less on my mind, I'd be more of a basket case about it. Even as it is, I'm still very worried. It's going on almost a month, and it keeps getting worse.

Here's what she ate today:
9 oz milk
1-2 oz juice
1/4 egg white
2 bites banana
almost a Ritz cracker
8 bites mac & cheese & chicken & veggies
1 bite hot dog
2 oz of oranges (yes, a measurement bigger than a bite!)
4 spoonfuls of yogurt
bite of stuffing
little chunk of turkey
10 elbow macaroni
2 slices of apple
lick of peanut butter

Now that I look at it, there is a lot of variety - just not much intake. If you have a kid that's a good eater, appreciate it! I have spent weeks of my life worrying about Julia's poor food intake and trying to feed her. Since she nosedived from 75th percentile at birth to pretty much where she is now, I guess she has a really low need for food. The thing is, though, she's had some really good food days. There HAVE been days where she's eaten 900-1000 calories. Yes, there haven't been that many, but there have been some.

Julia knows what she needs, I'm trying to make that my mantra. It's just very difficult when she's so skinny and seems to get super cranky when she hasn't eaten. I know she's got to be hungry, and that's why she's such a beast. But she's spiraled beyond where you can easily bring her back.

Maybe if she had gained 2-3 lbs between her 15 & 18 month appointments, I wouldn't be so on edge. She only gained 12 oz though. She did grow almost 3 inches in height, so I'm going to tell myself that the growth spurt in weight will be coming around the bend.


Tere Terry Teresa Mer or Marie, you choose said...

her food intake looks good to me...i think she looked perfect!

Wendy said...

The variety is awesome! The fact that you know she CAN eat well should offset this bump in the road. She's probably adjusting to the move and controlling the only thing she knows how. Remember, her non-eating used to buy her lots of attention (even negative attention), so maybe she's pulling out the old tricks? She will sort herself out, as she has proven time and again. I have lots of faith in Miss J!

Now remember, I want you to give me the same pep talk when Miss J's fraternal twin separated at birth has a few weeks of poor eating, okay?

Miss J's Mom said...

Will do, Wendy!