Sunday, January 10, 2010

Rash Decisions, 7:47am

I do this with myself. I always decide to cut my hair about 5 minutes before I get it done. I get so fed up that my personal mission is to remove the offending mass. Sometimes I am so impatient that this ends up being done personally. Usually, though, I can hang on the 5 minutes it takes to go to a hair stylist. My haircutting history is mostly full of Supercuts and Great Clips because 1) I'm cheap and 2) who knows if I will feel like getting a hair cut on my scheduled day/time?

Unfortunately, I am the same way with Julia. Her hair usually looks atrocious, but today I just got so fed up with it that my mission became to get it cut. And now it's cut. I wished there was a way to preserve her curls in the back and just "do something" with the tops and sides. But then it would have been a mullet. And a mullet on a 1 year old is....yikes! The hair stylist also didn't advocate shaving her sides and top.

So it's all cut, and she looks like a boy. Now the awkward hair phase I was trying to plow through has been set back 4-6 months. I can't do ponytails any longer (hey, I only did them 2-3 times but still...).

7:47am is the time the birdies in the state park next to us make noises. One would think that as it gets earlier, this time will continue to be earlier. I can't tell yet. For about a week or two, it's been 7:47am. They make quite a ruckus.

Birthdays are weird. When your birthday is so close to Christmas, they seem to become very eh and lost in the shuffle. When you become older, the same thing happens if you let it. I'm a simple girl who likes her naps and baths, and I got both of those today. :)

Two years ago on my birthday it was very cool because we saw Julia for the first time. We saw her move and yawn...a few minutes in the life of a fetus.


Melissa said...

Again, Happy Birthday. Sounds like it was nice and relaxed.

Ryan, Corrie, Max, and Jack said...

Happy Birthday, Beth!!! =)

I am the SAME way about hair cuts. Once I decide to do it, I want to do it NOW. And we did get Max's hair cut for the first time several weeks ago, and my two stipulations were 1) no mullet and 2) no looking like a boy. And somehow, it worked! And I saw your pictures on FB, and Miss J really does NOT look like a boy. You're seeing things. =)

Miss J's Mom said...

Thanks, you two!

Corrie, I haven't seen Max post-haircut, at least I don't think so. I want to see!

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