Sunday, January 24, 2010

Pictures, pictures, pictures

I've been very bad and haven't gotten pictures printed out in a long while. It seems like I can do one thing with pictures & that's it. Usually I'm pretty good at uploading pictures to Facebook. Finito. Done. I rarely get any more than that accomplished.

It's all so tedious. Here's the process I *should* do:

1. Edit photos - you know, adjust color balance, turn some into black and white, add some contrast here and there

2. Upload to Facebook - this step I usually actually DO

3. Upload to a picture uploader service - Snapfish, Costco, etc. Here's where I get picky. I like matte pictures. I don't like glossy that much. And most places only give you glossy unless you use the mail service. Costco does matte, which I like, but we're discontinuing our Costco membership soon & sometimes you can get cheaper than 13 cents a print elsewhere. But overall, I do like the Costco quality. The uploader services are great to use as a back-up for all your pictures in case your computer freaks.

4. Which leads me to ... back up the picture files on an external hard drive and CD.

5. Make pages for Julia's scrapbook using the pictures taken

6. Update our digital photo frame with the pictures we like

See, I know what *should* happen. I'm just way too lazy to do all of the steps.


Marie Tere said...

I'm not picky. Just post the pictures :)

Melissa said...

I'm the exact same way. Don't feel bad!