Sunday, January 17, 2010

Dental Floss at the Table

One of the most interesting things about having an older baby/toddler is how things end up in weird spots. If you came into our house right now, you might think we are a bit inappropriate since there is a dental floss container on the kitchen table. No, we don't floss at the table. Julia just loves playing with the dental floss container, so she carries around an empty floss container. Then there's the 2002 palm pilot on the windowsill. It's "her" palm pilot now, and she even uses the pen that came with it. I particularly liked when she put shampoo on the bookcase. Because you might want to wash your hair as you watch TV.

The thing is, we're really lazy about these things. We just let them be because, really, these things amuse her more effectively than any toys we can buy. Thank heavens we've never really spent a whole lot of money on toys for Julia. You know the people who seem to spend hundreds and hundreds every year with the latest and greatest toys? Yeah, we're not them. The one toy I can not figure out is those motorized vehicles for kids. The fancy $300-$400 kid ATVs or princess cars. I don't get those. Get your kid a $50 trike instead and make them pedal around. But I suppose those expensive motorized toys get bought by overly generous grandparents anyway.

We painted (mostly) the family room, kitchen, and nook. We still have some touch up in the area, but it is mostly done. We will be happy to close the chapter on "Move In Painting." We definitely have several more painting chapters (after all, the interior hasn't been painted in at least a decade) after our wrists heal.

I suppose I was in a sleep deficit because last night I slept 10 hours & then I took an hour and a half nap today. Due to all that sleep, I'm having trouble getting to sleep tonight.

I have off on Monday, and daycare is closed. Since it is hard to get things done around the house with Julia, I'm not anticipating getting a whole lot done with her in tow. Maybe unpack a box or two, maybe a little touch-up paint. That's about the extent of it. I'm sure the day will go quickly. Breakfast, get ready for the day, then it's basically morning snack. We have a playdate at 10am, come home, feed her lunch, naptime for 1-2 hours (hopefully for the both of us!). Before you know it, it's 2pm. Then it's snack time again, and then just another hour or two before Daddy comes home.


Leigh Ann said...

That's ok, we have that thing that you put the toilet paper on that shows up in all sorts of places around the house! That and empty chapsticks. Toilet paper roller thingy and empty chapstick = a boy's best friend.

Miss J's Mom said...

Chapstick is a big hit here too! The full kind. Thank goodness she's not into the toilet paper roll thingy. So far the tp is amusing enough.

Melissa said...

Audrey plays with empty icing jars and spoons. I find baby spoons EVERYWHERE!