Thursday, September 1, 2011

Day 4

I'm hungry.  The painful type of hungry where it feels like your stomach is turning inside out. I hate that painful feeling. I feel like my body is eating itself, which it probably is in a way. 

Oh, fair reader, you may be looking at my food diaries and saying, "Wow, you eat a lot of crap!"  Yes, fair reader, I do.  However, the amount of crap I've eaten in the past 3 days and the sheer volume of food has gone way down.  WAY. DOWN.  Further evidence of that is that I think I might rob a Girl Scout for some freaking thin mints, jail sentence be damned.

liquid egg white with salsa (protein protein protein, hate eggs, but I'm trying to suffer through)
green tea

An hour after eating breakfast the painful, hungry, rob a Girl Scout feeling is back. Drown it out with more tea.  Not working.

8 pieces of candy.  What is weird is how I felt an instant calm come over me as the sugar was entering my bloodstream. Whoosh, not ready to rob a Girl Scout, maybe even chill enough to not even scope out the Girl Scout for her potential thin mints.  Could sugar be my version of heroin?

2 plums
1 nectarine
2 pears

Dinner and beyond:
4 corn tortillas (50 cal each)
3/4 of a HUGE zucchini with a bit of olive oil on it
chicken tortilla soup (an ample amount) with cheese (an ample amount) on top

small bowl of ice cream with caramel sauce - should have had a sno cone, but it was rather late and a certain 3 year old would have wanted a sno cone too and that would have delayed bed time even more.


Karin said...

it is my understanding that sugar can be highly addictive. maybe it really is your heroin.

Quietly Subversive said...

It would be a convenient excuse. It may even be true. Still, gotta buck up and try to cut more.

You know those South Beach and Atkins people who say they've cut out all carbs and sugar and after two weeks they have no cravings? Those people should be shot. It's so not true.