Tuesday, September 6, 2011

End of summer?

Wouldn't you know it?  Summer is pretty much over, and now...NOW the weather is supposed to get up to the 90s.  I think the weather here has surpassed 80 about 3 days this year before now.  I mean, as far as sno cones go, I've had only 3-4 this "summer," and most of those were eaten under the quilt as I shivered.  Kind of pathetic even by my standards.

For some reason, even on the few days that the temperature has hit 80 degrees, I've been cold.  I've been muttering around the house, "Close that window. I'm cold.  It doesn't feel like 80 outside.  Why do you keep opening that window? Are you trying to freeze me out?" I sound old and frail, and I have no idea why I'm so cold all the time.  It certainly hasn't been the case even a year ago when I moaned about how HOT it was.  It's not like I lost 100 pounds or anything.  Maybe if I did have a dramatic weight loss, I would legitimately be cold.  Not the case though.

Another sure sign of the end of summer: working 7.5 hour workdays instead of 7 hour workdays. During the summer, we have to work half an hour less per day.  I know, you're heartbroken for me when I go back to my normal school year schedule. In my defense, going from 7 -> 7.5 hours per day is kind of rough during the first week. 

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