Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Day 3

Breakfast/Brunch/Lunch (i.e., all day grazing):
2 slices swiss cheese
pear x 2
nectarine x 2
2 servings of carrots
green tea

Really getting hungry...
I had two cookies.  That's why it's bad when I get really hungry - I become weak, and then I eat crap.

green beans in olive oil
tater tots
lemon pepper chicken

NO DESSERT!  Woot! Woot!


Jesse said...

It seems like you sometimes eat a very small / non-filling amount of real food all day, get really hungry as a result, and then make up for it by eating cookies or ice cream. The problem is that those foods aren't very filling, and they give you lots of calories without preventing you from feeling hungry later.

So, when you get to the point where you HAVE to eat something, may I recommend eating more real food, rather than junk food. An extra carrot or slice of chicken is way preferable to cookies or ice cream; it might be over your calorie limit, but at least it's healthy and will fill you up more than the junk, and at the cost of fewer calories. Best way to do this is simply to empty the house of all junk food, which I understand is probably infeasible since you don't live alone.

Also, I really don't think 2 cookies is a big deal. That's what, 200 extra calories? The bigger problem is that if you're like me, then when you have 2 cookies (or any other junk food), you're probably at risk of spontaneously deciding to eat 10 times that much.

Quietly Subversive said...

I see your point. I think it's very true.

In the morning when I pack my food for the day, I think I underestimate how much food I will realistically eat. It looks like a LOT! I mean, it was 4 pieces of fruit + half a pound of carrots. The bag I'm carrying is heavy. Yet I forget that food is mainly water. Lugging protein to work is kind of problematic, as I don't like to use the communal kitchen stuff (it's so nasty). Sometimes I have use of a friend's personal mini fridge, and I will use the communal microwave after a wipe down.

Wendy said...

Invest is some of those insulated lunch bags. Then you can include an ice pack and it can keep your food cold. For hot food, you can get a thermos thingie and it keeps stuff warm for a long while. That way you avoid the communal kitchen and microwave!

Seriously, fruit and veggies aren't filling. So by the time lunch is done, you're ready to gorge because your body needs food. Can you add some nuts or other protein? A meal replacement bar? A smoothie?

Quietly Subversive said...

You know I'm far too lazy to deal with thermal and ice bags, right? At least we have ice packs left over from the whole Alimentum experience though.

I do eat almonds. I like Luna bars. They're made from brown rice so gluten free. The Lemon one is really good.